The lawyer of Leyla Yunus and Intiqam Aliyev on October 24th trials

wpid-collage.jpgYesterday (24 October 2014), Nasimi Rayon Court considered the investigation’s motion to extend Intigam Aliyev and Leyla Yunus‘s detention period, as well as the defense’s motion for the sentence to be replaced with house arrest or bail.

Regarding Intigam Aliyev. I. Aliyev’s health deteriorated suddenly (though in fact, it was as a result of existing health problems, and particularly a brain trauma received in 2012). His right leg seized up and he nearly lost consciousness. The reason for this was that he was brought to the court in a badly ventilated convoy car with 8-9 other people. The fact of I. Aliyev being kept in airless conditions, and being brought to court in such a vehicle, caused (and will continue to cause) his existing head injury to deteriorate. The situation being critical, I motioned the court to grant a medical examination considering I. Aliyev’s health.

However, the court did not consider the motion and sent it to the General Prosecutor’s Office for Grave Crimes. The court granted the investigation’s motion to extend I. Aliyev’s  detention period, extending his imprisonment period to 8 February 2015. The court however dismissed our motion for I. Aliyev to serve the appointed period on bail or under house arrest.

The appeal will be contested. Also, we will file the relevant legal appeals and complaints regarding Intigam Aliyev’s health to the management of the Baku Detention Facility.

Regarding Leyla Yunus. Leyla Yunus’s previous health problems remain. She finds it difficult to move freely. She can move if supported by another person or object.

However, the court adopted the investigation’s motion to prolong Leyla Yunus’s detention period, extending her imprisonment to 28 February 2015.

The court dismissed our motion for Leyla Yunus to serve the appointed
period on bail or under house arrest.

The appeal will be contested.


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